I am passionate about helping women to step into their greatness and in supporting women in finding and following a path with heart.

Throughout my lifetime working  in the voluntary sector I have witnessed the amazing  difference women can make to their families, communities, organisations  and society – even when faced with huge disadvantage, exclusion and adversity. I have been humbled  and deeply affected by the wonder of “ordinary” women.

I began a journey of enquiry four years ago to find out what resources were available to women that focused on their uniqueness and came from a female centred perspective, where the feminine was truly celebrated and incorporated.

I found there was very little and so I made a commitment to develop a unique range of services and resources that incorporated the feminine and were designed to support women to care for themselves at the deepest levels.

My four year journey of enquiry was further strengthened by undertaking my Post Graduate Studies in Applied Positive Psychology with a particular focus on women’s wellbeing, mindfulness, purpose and meaning.

My mantra for that path of study was “to help women identify their inner core values and align these with their outer world by finding and following a path with heart”.

simplyhappy: woman is the beautiful outcome of that journey and process.

simplyhappy is supporting women to improve happiness, health and wellbeing and create a purpose driven life using a combination of positive psychology and coaching.

Placing authenticity and integrity at the core of the “simplyhappy : woman” model and creating true connection at all levels.

simplyhappy has a focus on communication, collaboration, creativity, compassion, empathy and co-creation, these qualities are further developed through the integration of positive psychology including strengths, flow and flourishing.

simplyhappy offers a range of support and transformational tools including coaching, one to one work, groups, workshops and retreats.

simplyhappy works co-creatively with women on an individual basis as well as those in the private and public sectors, social enterprises and the voluntary and community sector.

simplyhappy also offers ways of working in partnership with forward thinking businesses and organisations to support and develop women within the workplace, improve subjective wellbeing and increase positive contributions.

If you’d like to know more about positive psychology and how I can help support your journey towards becoming simplyhappy, then please get in touch.