I’ve spent most of my adult life working with charitable organisations committed to the physical, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing of individuals and communities. This experience, combined with academic studies and a commitment to lifelong learning, allows me to provide an enhanced offer to the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.

simplyhappy is perfectly placed to work in partnership with the VCSE sector to  support wellness and wellbeing, through connecting organisations with ideas to support people with wider factors that affect health – including physical and mental health challenges, poverty, education and social isolation.

simplyhappy and the  VCSE sector both have unique qualities that allow them to provide tailor-made support, both are trusted and understand the needs of their community.  This allows them to reach people that find it hard to access traditional support and take a person-centred approach to support people’s multiple-needs.

The VCSE sector contributes significant social and economic value by improving physical and mental health, improving quality of life and reducing health inequalities and simplyhappy works in partnership to help increase this contribution.

simplyhappy supports organisations and individuals to create and develop projects that will promote physical, social and emotional wellbeing with the ultimate goal of helping to create resilient, strong and vibrant communities. It aims to encourage social innovation around health and wellbeing by connecting people with ideas and putting health at the heart of communities.

simplyhappy offers cost effective consultancy and coaching  to organisations and individuals wanting to make a real difference to health, happiness and wellbeing at a community level by offering a wide range of tailor made services and support around this.

simplyhappy is able to work with stakeholders focusing on the health and wellbeing of those they support by helping to generate impact, create better solutions and to help others to create positive change in relation to wellbeing.

simplyhappy offers three core services:

  • positive psychology
  • coaching
  • consultancy

This allows a tailored package of personal and organisational support to be delivered over a period of time to help those with ideas around improving  happiness, health and wellbeing   to articulate, define and deliver them.

This model of tailored support can be offered to:

  • start ups in their first stages of development
  • organisations that have reached the next stage and are ready for further development
  • well established organisations that want to integrate wellbeing programmes into the work they do and for those they support either as employees, clients or beneficiaries

The simplyhappy model of support has three distinct elements that makes it unique:

  • the core offer – positive psychology, coaching and consultancy
  • tailored support – the responsive element individual to the person/organisation
  • USP – my unique blend of skills, expertise and experience

I understand the  importance of evaluating the impact of both the simplyhappy model and also the wellbeing projects being created and supported.

I also understand the importance of building this in from the beginning to ensure that no learning is lost throughout, and to ensure that the evaluation monitors the constant processes involved rather than the final outcomes.

I  believe that a strategic learning approach to decision-making and action acknowledges the relationship between strategy and evaluation: that what gets evaluated should be related to and informed by this relationship, and that evaluation should feed into the development and refinement of all that simplyhappy does.

This way, simplyhappy will be better placed to continuously learn, grow, adapt, and change in meaningful and effective ways and to pass this onto the individuals and organisations it works with.

This learning loop is an indispensable part of  innovation and crucial to ensure that what simplyhappy delivers is what it needs to be delivering and that anything that works is held onto and anything that doesn’t is adapted or let go of.

Innovation is a dynamic process.

simplyhappy works to ensure that this is applied in helping to generate impact, create better solutions and to help others to create positive change in relation to wellbeing by creating and developing projects that will promote physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Please contact me to discuss how simplyhappy can support you, your community or business through positive psychology, coaching or consultancy.