simplyhappy provides positive psychology, coaching and consultancy to support, improve and enhance happiness, health and wellbeing.

simplyhappy incorporates evidence based, practical tools for positive transformation, using positive psychology and coaching, to be used with individuals, communities and organisations.

simplyhappy offers three core services:

  • positive psychology
  • coaching
  • consultancy

This allows a tailored package of personal and organisational support to be delivered over a period of time to help those with ideas around improving happiness, health and wellbeing to articulate, define and deliver them.

This model of tailored support can be offered to:

  • individuals looking to improve their own happiness, health and wellbeing and those wishing to understand and increase their human potential
  • start ups in their first stages of development
  • organisations that have reached the next stage and are ready for further development
  • well established organisations that want to integrate wellbeing programmes into the work they do and for those they support either as employees, clients or beneficiaries

The simplyhappy model of support has three distinct elements that makes it unique:

  • the core offer – positive psychology, coaching and consultancy
  • tailored support – the responsive element individual to the person/organisation
  • USP – my unique blend of skills, expertise and experience

simplyhappy works in partnership with all to help increase and improve happiness, health and wellbeing with an additional focus on purpose and meaning as a way of cultivating the “good life”.

simplyhappy is the synthesis of a lifetime’s work in the voluntary, community & social enterprise sectors where my focus has been on creating, developing and supporting projects that promote and enhance wellbeing .

The offer I make is further enhanced by a lifelong commitment to my own personal and professional development and to promoting positive change, most recently deepened by undertaking Post Graduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology.

Some of the areas studied include:

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology: Happiness, Well-being & Flourishing
  • Strengths -based Development & Engagement
  • Positive Subjective Emotions & Experience
  • The Psychology of Hope & Resilience
  • Pathways to Change
  • The Journey of Change
  • Qualitative Research Methods & Analysis
  • Advanced QuantitativeResearch Methods

My Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology enables me to :

  • Critically evaluate psychological theory and research on the concepts of flourishing, flow, well-being, human strengths, positive emotions, hope and resilience, mindfulness and meditation, purpose and meaning
  • Develop a critical understanding of how positive psychology may be applied to individual development
  • Develop a critical understanding of the place, use and contribution of positive psychology in an individual, group and organisational context
  • Critically evaluate models of change (process and their effect) and how this may be applied
  • Understand and use a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods and skills
  • Identify, develop and conduct, to professional and ethical standards, and critically assess positive psychology interventions which promote individual, group and organisational wellbeing
  • Develop, identify and systemically grow aspects of positive psychology, flourishing and wellbeing for individuals, groups and organisations
  • Understand and create positive psychology interventions, ethically and professionally made for specific client and organisational groups

Please contact me to discuss how simplyhappy can support you, your community or business through consultancy or coaching.