A selection of events and activities “simplyhappy” is involved in and/or facilitating with more are being added all the time, so please keep checking the website and get in touch if you’d like more information:


10 May 2017 – RSA Street Wisdom Event, Cheltenham

What is it? At the centre of Street Wisdom lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration – that there’s no such thing as an ordinary street, just ordinary thinking. Few of us give ourselves time or permission to really focus on the world around us but the urban landscape is full of signs and signals that we normally ignore; rich stimuli that can help us learn something new. In just three hours of walking and wandering, participants have resolved problems that have dogged them for years, found new business ideas, changed careers, discovered new directions, and learned how to deal differently with life and love.

Who is it for? It is relevant for anyone struggling with the day-to-day personal stuff, tackling a challenge in the workplace, figuring out what’s next, or seeking a creative breakthrough. Once experienced, it can be easily replicated on a personal basis, taken into the workplace and used to inspire teams and colleagues, or used in a professional capacity by therapists, coaches, and urban planners.

What do you bring? An open mind, good walking shoes, and clothes for all weather. A question you’d like answered: not too big (‘what is the meaning of life?’), not too small (‘what shall I have for lunch?’), but somewhere in the middle – a burning issue to which you’d like fresh answers.


25 May 2017 – RSA Street Wisdom Event, Bath

Learn how to access the urban environment and find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions with Street Wisdom: a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university.

This is an inspirational tool adopted by corporations, businesses, and social groups across the globe that produces profound results.


June 2017 – RSA Street Wisdom Event, Bristol

Learn how to access the urban environment and find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions with Street Wisdom: a powerful, three-hour guided experience that uses the streets as an invisible university.

This is an inspirational tool adopted by corporations, businesses, and social groups across the globe that produces profound results.


22 June 2017 –  “Women on Purpose”, Exeter (supported by RSA)

“simplyhappy” have created this one day event which will highlight the importance and value of women working collaboratively to create positive change within community and society.

The conference will act as a catalyst for women already involved in the voluntary and community sector, social and ethical businesses and for those who would like to move into this sector or have an idea for a project – to come together, share learning, best practice and provide opportunities for networking, the promotion of partnership and collaborative working and opportunities for this to take place.  The focus and theme of the event will be “collaboration not competition”.

There will be a programme of key note speakers, women who are leaders in their chosen field who will each present their own stories and weave this into their presentation and areas of expertise, with real examples of the challenges, obstacles and rewards of working in this way and in these sectors, thus ensuring that these presentations are brought to life and engaging.

The event will also provide break out focus groups and workshops that will provide participants with skills and tools to develop their ideas and the work they do further or help them to clarify their next steps and signpost them to the appropriate organisations that can help them further.


13 September – RSA Soup Kitchen Event,Gloucestershire

These events started in the US and I thought it would be great to have one locally.  The  goal of  SOUP is to offer a safe space where people can gather and share a meal to encourage conversation, relationship building and resource sharing while supporting creative community projects in Gloucestershire.

SOUP is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project.

It’s a really simple process:
-Join us for a public soup dinner! (bring food to share if you can)
-Pay a suggested donation of £5 or more
-Learn about creative/community projects happening in Gloucestershire
-Vote on which project to fund with the money raised from the dinner.

If you want to take part you have 5 mins to pitch your proposal to the SOUP audience. If your project gets the most votes from the audience you’ll take home all the money from the door.


22, 23, 24 September – Network of Wellbeing Conference, Hawkwood College

The Building Wellbeing Together Weekend will be hosted jointly by the Network of Wellbeing (NOW) and Hawkwood College from 22nd – 24th September 2017 at Hawkwood College in Stroud, UK.

I am delighted that I have been asked to present a 90 minute “simplyhappy” workshop/presentation on “Personal Wellbeing”! 

This event will bring together thought leaders and practitioners, performers, artists and teachers from many disciplines to reflect, share and experience how we can build personal, societal and environmental wellbeing together. Our happiness and wellbeing depends in part on the health of the communities in which we live and work. This, in turn, depends on the fairness of society as a whole, and the long-term health of the natural world on which we all depend. At this event we will explore how we can live the good life and learn to live together in ways that support personal and collective wellbeing within planetary limits.

The world-renowned wellbeing and happiness researcher and author Nic Marks as well as the positive psychology expert Chris Johnstone will be part of our keynote speakers team.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your personal or professional interest. You can expect high profile speakers combined with interactive sessions, opportunities to connect with others and time for deeper reflection. Come and learn. Come and share your experience and vision of how we can build wellbeing together! And take home a renewed commitment and a more practical, integrated vision for personal, community and societal wellbeing.


13, 14, 15 October  – Women of the World (WOW) Festival

Preparation is now underway for ‘WOW – Women of the World Exeter’. It takes place in the city from 13-15 October in partnership with Southbank Centre in London.  Details of this to be confirmed very soon.


Autumn Retreat for Women – “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life” – date tbc

This will be a weekend retreat hosted by myself and an amazing nature based education practitioner who combines the scientific with the deep spiritual.  We will be creating a joint offering of positive psychology and shamanic wisdom over this weekend in a beautiful rural retreat.  An  opportunity to enjoy a digital detox and reconnect to the self, others and nature – it’s going to be amazing! Some of the areas we will cover include:

  • Our view of reality – how we perceive ourselves and the world around us  – how do we as individuals fit and how can we influence what happens to us.
  • Our life journey – stages and transformation – acceptance of change and acknowledging the significance of key life stages (lots of scope for exploring with women the aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone and the gifts each stage hold for us)
  • Our relationship with the land, our place in the natural world and how to communicate with it.
  • The place of ritual – how we mark significance and the effect of not doing so in modern life;- creating ritual for everyday.
  • Mortality, immortality and death – this theme is ignored by most of us, but putting aside the fear of death releases you to a happier life.

There will be plenty of time for quiet reflection and relaxation, good food, great company and quality sleep……. go home feeling relaxed rejuvenated and ready to move forwards from a new place of personal power.


15 November  – RSA Watch Event, Gloucestershire

Join us for an evening at which to meet like minded individuals, connect and and watch an  RSA talk together, then  discuss the ideas and concepts raised.  We call this ‘social watching’.