Positive Psychology & Coaching Services for Individuals and Organisations

Thanks to the digital revolution the services I offer are now accessible to anybody, anywhere which means I can increase the positive impact of the work that I do and improve the wellbeing of even more individuals and organisations.

Sessions can be carried out face to face in person – I am currently in private practice in Gloucestershire and am about to extend this face to face offer to other areas of the South West, London and the South East).

Sessions can be carried out by phone or Skype so that no matter where you are we can connect just as effectively irrespective of location.

I also offer “Couch to Coach” sessions in the locations I currently work in and will also be offering these as an option in the new geographical locations I am planning to work in this year.

I offer a range of session options and a variety of packages to ensure that positive psychology and/or coaching is accessible and available to all – my aim is to provide an inclusive service to ensure that all who would benefit from my support to help enhance their happiness, health and wellbeing are able to access it.  There is no point in being committed to being the change you want to see in the world if that change is only experienced by a chosen few.

Please contact me for information relating to the various options and costs relating to the offers I make in supporting you on your journey towards being your best self.


Wellbeing Consultancy for Organisations

I am very happy to travel to meet with you and discuss the needs of your organisation.  All of my consultancy for the last nine years has consisted of me working on a location independent basis with regular meetings as discussed and agreed with the client and where a process of regular feedback and updates are given, in addition to regular face to face contact.

I offer a sliding scale of fees based on the income of the organisations I work with and the type of work being undertaken.

Please contact me for information relating to the various options and costs relating to the offers I make in supporting your organisation to become more focused,  purpose driven and resilient.


Workshops & Retreats

I am working on a variety of positive psychology and well-being workshops and events and some of these are listed underneath the “simplyhappy : happenings” page on this website – please take a look.

As well as these I create and deliver in-house wellbeing workshops for organisations, focusing on key themes around workplace wellbeing, designed to enhance and support your staff and business.  Please contact me for more details and to discuss the particular needs of your organisation.

I run a variety of community based workshops also, on a stand alone basis or as part of a longer programme, which incorporate a variety of evidence based tools and techniques with a focus on the happiness, health and wellbeing of either individuals or communities.  Please contact me for more details and to discuss your needs, and also check out the “simplyhappy : happenings” section of the website.

I am currently in the process of finalising the details of a retreat for women which will be held in the Autumn with a focus on “ancient wisdom for modern life”.  This will combine science and spirituality and will provide participants with an opportunity to develop their own wellbeing kit to include evidence based positive psychology interventions, mindfulness and meditation, a deeper connection to nature, breath work, creativity and journalling…… and of course wonderful company, food, rest and relaxation.  More details to follow on the website but please contact me if you would like to be put on the mailing list for this exclusive eventplaces are limited to ensure the correct level and depth of connection.


Resources and Toolkits

As well as a lifetime’s experience of working on wellbeing projects and creating social impact, I now have many additional years of research and academic learning in the fields of psychology, positive psychology and wellbeing.  All of this knowledge (such a lot!) is being narrowed down into creating a new range of wellbeing toolkits, products and resources.  The design process for the toolkit is about to begin and I am also at the start of discussions with a university around having an evaluation tool created to measure the impact of the resources being created.  It’s a very exciting time and updates will appear regularly on this website!