“Michelle is a wonderful practitioner who brings an authentic and intuitive approach to coaching. Passionate about people living purposeful, thriving lives, she nurtures the potential within you with ease.  As a self-motivated individual, I had initial doubts about the impact of coaching, however by working with Michelle, I have cemented ideas that would have not come about otherwise.  Having her support has enabled huge progress and will certainly be an asset to anyone who wants to see progress, development and growth in their lives.”

Danielle Ennis – Specialist Youth Engagement & Community Engagement Consultancy


“Michelle has a calming, nurturing presence.  As she coaches she demonstrates a genuine interest and desire to help her coachee progress in the area required. She listens actively and attentively and as a result has the essential qualities of a high performance coach.”

Annette Williams – Coach & Workshop Facilitator


“Michelle is inspiring, dynamic and is a breath of fresh air. A joy to work with, and fantastic on a personal level. Her ideas on social change and helping individuals find their path are amazing, and never feels like hard work at all.” 

Jenny Linton – University of Brighton


“I have been fortunate to work with Michelle in two capacities, and have found her to be both an inspiration and a consummate professional.   As Education Officer in a charity working with disadvantaged young people, I was able to call on Michelle’s aid  for a variety of projects. When I came to develop my own project,  Michelle’s assistance was invaluable.  She helped me to focus my ideas and distil them into a format that I could present to potential stakeholders. Her years working in the voluntary sector have also provided her with a wealth of contacts through which she was able to access information that was extremely helpful.  I have particularly valued the clarity that Michelle brings to project planning; she is able root ideas in practical reality, without diminishing enthusiasm.” 

Jeannie Ireland – Founder 


“simplyhappy” is exactly what it says it is on the tin!  A dynamic approach, combined with practical advice, nurture and support, enables ‘simplyhappy’ to act as a catalyst allowing the budding social entrepreneur to realise their potential and make a positive difference to develop their creative and entrepreneurial abilities more fully for social benefit. The USP lies in the founder’s own personal beliefs and ethos, Michelle cares passionately about the individual’s goals and aspirations, offering nurturing support and a bespoke tailor-made consultancy service every step of the way, from conception of idea to realisation of project. We have benefitted enormously from the “simplyhappyc” way and will continue to use their expertise to help build our social enterprise from our grass-roots beginnings.”

Katherine Ford – Director, the Carousel Project


“Michelle has great vision.  She is hard-working, incisive and imaginative. Michelle is results orientated with a keen eye for detail and provided practical and pragmatic solutions and applications to help us raise circa £1.5million of funding in a year towards a £3million capital appeal supporting young people with substance misuse issues.  I would recommend her on both a professional and personal basis.”

Doug Janke – Development and Fundraising Consultant


“I first met Michelle in 2006 when we worked together for the benefit of disadvantaged communities in Gloucester. I was immediately struck by her commitment to help individuals improve not only their own lives, but supporting them to work collectively for the benefit of the wider community. Michelle recognises the power that lies dormant within many communities which, with the right stimulus and opportunity, can develop and create energy to bring about positive social change.”

Anne Wheeler – Project Manager, Community Project


“Michelle has been visited us several times to give advice on fundraising, organisational development and capacity building.  She is very clear and has a sound knowledge of grant giving bodies,what they require and potential areas for service development.  She gave us lots of advice on business planning and also helped us to clarify our priorities to enable us to access more clients and funding streams.  It was very useful to talk things through with her.”

Pam Brown – Founder, Practical Intelligence & Nailsworth Community Workshops


Michelle is a highly motivated individual who embraces every opportunity to see the positives in life and other people. It is a privilege to hear her innovative ideas which are always looking to promote the wellbeing of others within the society in which she lives.  Michelle is a breath of fresh air, the passion and love in her heart drives her, and with so much positive energy flowing from her you cannot help but feel uplifted and empowered in her presence!”

Eleanor Taylor – Youth Worker


“Michelle is able to take the seed of an idea, germinate that idea and help you to grow it into a coherent business plan. Like many peopled with an idea or skills to develop, I don’t have the expertise to develop it any further. Michelle’s innovative and creative approach has helped me to develop that idea and come up with a comprehensive business plan to move forwards with.”

Karen Monkman – House Steward, National Trust