I remember interviews, in my early twenties being asked the dreaded question, “so, what do you want to be in five years time?” and I would always reply, “I just want to be happy” – this was decades before the birth of positive psychology, and my answer was met with blank expressions and, needless to say, no job offer on that particular day!

Let me explain: I was never one of those people who instinctively knew what they wanted to do; who had a clear goal in life and who knew where they were going to be in five, ten and even twenty years time. Nope, that just wasn’t me. There always seemed to be the promise of more to life, hiding in the shadows, just out of sight, but calling my name… and then the day I decided to start working in the voluntary sector I realised that this whisper finally had a name: Purpose. Once I connected with my own sense of purpose, it gave my life meaning………….


This is a blog post I was asked to write by The Network of Wellbeing recently, to read the full post please follow this link:


Purpose-Full Life: the mission for meaning

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