simplyhappy incorporates evidence based, practical tools for positive transformation to be used with individuals, communities and organisations to help increase and improve happiness, health and wellbeing.

Areas of expertise (at post graduate level) include the following:

  • Positive Psychology: Happiness, Well-being & Flourishing
  • Strengths -based Development & Engagement
  • Positive Subjective Emotions & Experience
  • The Psychology of Hope & Resilience
  • Pathways to Change
  • The Journey of Change
  • Qualitative Research Methods & Analysis
  • Advanced QuantitativeResearch Methods

All of my work has at its core a desire to create positive change whether this is at a personal, professional or community level and includes:

  • Positive Psychology Coaching & Consultancy
  • Wellbeing Coaching & Consultancy
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops
  • Wellbeing Programmes and Workshops
  • Positive Change Facilitation
  • Conscious Business Creation, Support & Development

If you’d like to know more about positive psychology and how I can help support your journey towards becoming simplyhappy, then please check out this website and get in touch.